11 Signs You Are Desperate to Get Married


Are you dying to say those two magical words, “I do”? Check out these 11 signs to know if you indeed are desperate to get married.

1. You check out every wedding dress displayed at every wedding store

You simply can’t take your eyes off those white wonders! Sometimes your friends have to push you to move away from the store window. You love to look at those wedding dresses and imagine yourselves in each one of them.

2. You are planning to buy a wedding dress soon

Either you have already bought your wedding dress or planning to buy it soon. Even if you don’t know who you’ll be marrying or when!

3. You have already planned your wedding theme in detail

The invitation cards, the menu, the flowers, the venue, etc., you’ve got it all ready on paper. All you need now is a groom willing enough to say ‘I do.’

4. You are always talking about ‘marriage’

Your family and friends have been the patient listeners to your ramblings about marriage and all that you want to do for the ‘final day.’

5. You’ve already written your vows

Your romantic marriage vows are ready. You have taken great pain to research and write the very best of them.

6. You start dreaming about marrying every guy you date

You might be dating for just a week, but that doesn’t deter you from imagining him as the groom who’ll sweep you away in a spectacular wedding.

7. You surprise your boyfriend with plans of your honeymoon

Poor guy must not have even proposed! And there you are, planning all about your honeymoon and babbling excitedly about all the fun things that you’ll do on your honeymoon.

8. You are too eager to meet and please his parents

You keep pestering your boyfriend to introduce you to his family. You simply can’t wait to be a part of them.

9. You are ready to bear all the marriage expenses if only your boyfriend gets ready to marry you

You won’t mind spending all from your account. All you need is your boyfriend’s willingness to get married.

10. You plan to propose

You can’t wait for him to get on to his knees to ask the question, ‘Will you marry me?’ So to make things quick, you have decided to propose your boyfriend.

11. You have thought of ‘trapping’ your boyfriend

Have you secretly stopped taking contraceptive pills so that you can get pregnant? Do you plan to ‘trap’ your boyfriend through pregnancy so as to put a bit of pressure on him to get married? If yes, then that’s the ultimate sign that shows how desperate you are to get married.

Getting married is a good thing, but make sure you are taking the plunge for the right reasons.

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