“Year Of Perfection” Is Ushered In By Pastor Chris Oyakhilome With A Prophetic Plan

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome called upon the enraptured global audience to see and believe in perfection so perfection can be attained. The New Year's Eve service heralded 2020 as a celebration and a walkover.

The build-up to the announcement of the “Theme of the Year” was palpable. There was excitement all over the world and great cheers as Pastor Chris revealed that this year was the “Year of Perfection.” In saying that the theme is “so simple you could touch it and it is special because of God’s plan” was of comfort to the LoveWorld Nation.

The Theme of the Year will lead us to achieve greater things
The Theme of the Year will lead us to achieve greater things

Pastor Chris illuminated to idea of perfection to the millions of viewers. Perfection is a powerful word that strikes fear and uncertainty into some people because people have been brought up to accept their imperfections and that only God is perfect. With insight and wisdom Pastor Chris brought new prophecies into our consciousness as he revealed that it is possible through the scripture to see perfection. With the words, “In the scriptures, God never said perfection is impossible. On the contrary, perfections are what God desires and demands” he revealed prophecy.

Taking the first quote from Genesis 6:9 KJV: “These are the generations of Noah: Noah was a just man and perfect in his generations, and Noah walked with God ” Pastor Chris expounded this idea. Now Pastor Chris charged us that “from 2020 you believe, practice and walk in it.” Just like Abram was charged by Almighty God to “walk before me and be thou perfect.” (Genesis17).

It could not be simpler

In revealing God’s word through scripture, the Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome made it clear that because “we produce perfect items, perfect devices, perfect machines. This should let you know that perfection is possible.” How could perfection be created from us if we don’t have perfection within us?

When we see a baby, we don’t criticize that newborn for the inability to move because we know that the baby has the capacity to move. We train and encourage the baby to achieve great things. This amazing analogy added clarity to the meaning of the “Year of Perfection.” If we have been trained not to be perfect, then now is the time to adjust our mindset and see and strive for perfection.

Four reflections on perfection

In illuminating the idea of perfection Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has sown inspired leadership
In illuminating the idea of perfection Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has sown inspired leadership

To help the global congregation meditate on the affirmation ” I’m a perfect being of a perfect God,” Pastor Chris gave us four insights to edify us further.

Alignment: This is about preparation. A preparation that is a “re-engineering of how you operate, a training.” There will be an alignment of our purposes to God’s purposes. It is going to be a special year.
Completeness: This can be further understood as a fullness. We are to be filled with the word of God which is going to be launched into our system. This part of the prophecy sees us having a desire for knowledge of God in your heart. This will produce amazing things because we are filled with God’s Word.

Excellence: This will bring us to that consummate position as excellence is the product of one’s spirit. Pastor Chris reminded us that we are excellent and have an excellent spirit. He banished negative thoughts as we are to fill our minds full of the love and grace given to us by Jesus Christ.

Telesphori: This word which means bring to fruition. Perfection in results and ventures will to come to fruition. For clarification, Pastor Chris used the analogy of a “pregnant woman who carries her baby to the time of birth.” The plans for 2020 will be amazing as he developed this idea further saying, “there will be no aborting of your plans. You will produce results with your ideas.”

2020 is the “Year of Perfection”

It was a truly uplifting service and we are charged to “follow God’s example, therefore, as dearly loved children.” (Ephesians 5:1 NIV) Pastor Chris has said, “train yourself to do more because God is taking you places this year.” At the conclusion New Year’s Eve Sermon, he said “the first three months, January, February, March, it’s going to be like the year is already over. You will be amazed by what God will do in your life that you say: but it’s just the first three months.”

With the opening remarks of the service, members of the LoveWorld community were reminded of the phenomenal achievements of 2019. Recalling the prophecy that previous years’ achievements will seem like “child’s play” it will be truly amazing in ways we have never known. This year will see a new class of angels deliver a new level of ministry. In honor of the teachings and guidance of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome during the “Year of Perfection” we “are going to do something special. We will own it.”

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