Okay.ng is committed to collecting and responding to feedback from our audience. We believe that feedback is essential to improving our journalism and to serving our audience better.

How to provide feedback

There are a number of ways to provide feedback to Okay.ng:

  • You can send us a direct message on social media.
  • You can email us at [email protected]

How we respond to feedback

We read all feedback carefully and respond to it as soon as possible. We may not be able to respond to every piece of feedback individually, but we will do our best to address all of the feedback we receive.

How we engage with the public

We engage with the public in a number of ways, including:

  • We are active on social media, where we interact with our audience and share our content.
  • We publish regular surveys and polls to get feedback from our audience on our coverage and other topics.

How we prioritize transparency

We are committed to transparency in our journalism and in our operations. We believe that transparency is essential to building trust with our audience.

We are transparent about our ownership and funding structure. We are also transparent about our editorial principles. We publish a detailed editorial guide on our website that outlines our journalistic standards and practices.

How to provide actionable feedback

When providing feedback to Okay.ng, please be as specific as possible. Tell us what you liked about our coverage and what you didn’t like. Also, tell us what you think we can do to improve.

If you are providing feedback on a specific article, please include the link to the article in your feedback. This will help us to identify the specific area where you think we can improve.

Thank you for your feedback!

We appreciate your feedback and we value your input. We will use your feedback to improve our journalism and to serve our audience better.