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“You don’t know shit” — UNILAG Student Blasts Graduate For Condemning Protests


The unrest at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) has spiralled into a battle between graduates and undergrads of the school.

Oluwafisayo Nelson is a UNILAG graduate. He says the protest was wrong.

Samuel Oshinuga, an undergraduate, says Nelson condemned the protest “ignorantly”.

He writes:

Mr Nelson Pelumi Oluwafisayo, forgive me…I didn’t have time to make this any shorter.

Just last night, I was meditating on this same subject matter you’ve touched rather ignorantly. In particular, my thoughts orbited around the different responses and reactions that our seemingly foolish agitations have and will continue to ignite. I imagined it all until Nature forcefully took me away for the night only to wake up to my being tagged on this thread.

Admittance must be made to the fact that every human has a right to freedom of expression and association; obviously you’ve exercised this right by publishing your postulations on this topic and even so, on many more subject matters. Thus, making you a thought leader of sort to a number of persons.

As a thought leader, you ought to know that some see you as a custodian of common sense and should always avoid making assertions based on unprocessed ignorance as that would be tantamount to being a confusionist. To an extent, your use of the English language is quite impressive but it was a waste of effort as you’ve allowed yourself to be contained fully by the workings of hindsight.

The late Portuguese footballing legend, Eusebio, once opined that, “The greatest football player is the fan on the armchair”. What a collection of words from an illiterate who could only use his feet to create magic.

I am left agape by your cherry picking, broken window logic argumentum petitio de principii, begging the question… “Do/Did you know the type of conversations held in private between the SUG Leaders and the management??” NO.

You just kangarooed into conclusions over there at your lodge/office where you reign supreme as High Lord of common sense.

I must say unapologetically that the problem lies not only in that you’re ignorant, The fons et origo of your situation is in that you feel you know and hence there’s no room for true knowledge. That facade that you’ve managed to surround yourself with, I fear, is all to the detriment of those who see you as a custodian of common sense.

On a very normal day, I’d have illuminated your dark wisdom with the causal factors of this ALUTA but I beg not to as you should have done that before picking up your smartphone.

Finally, to my fellow Akokaites – those in support and those not in support of this struggle – I must communicate to you calm and assuredness because I unlike. Mr Nelson, am privy to uncensored information. I can say that the current ULSU adminstration as led by the President Comrade Mohammed Olaniyan and the Speaker of the Legislature, Rt. Hon. Adeyanju Adeonipekun are working tirelessly to ensure a rapid end to this crisis caused by the show of shame embarked upon by the managament. These two understand that Courage is an obligation you owe to the society. Even with that, they also understand that every decision or action they pursue must and should be for the advancement of the student community of the University of Lagos.

Fellow Akokaites, it’d be over soon.


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Source: OkayNG.com

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Damilola A.
the authorDamilola A.
Damilola Alashe is a Business Administration student at Olabisi Onabanjo University In Ijebu Ode. He focuses more on publishing world news and writing lyrics on OkayNG.com

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