Why I Feel Most Ladies Will Never Want To Get Married – YettyCole


I have noticed that 80% of guys out there are not or will never be satisfied with dating just a lady, most of them keep saying “I can’t keep eating jollof rice all the time”, biko what does that mean?.

Some of them even say I have plenty girlfriends but I have a serious relationship, pls brother who is deserving you?…… Can’t you just stick to just one girl and leave a free and peaceful life, same thing goes to the married men out there too, they keep going after girls old enough to be the your junior sister or daughter, can’t u just blend your wife to your taste or teach her things you know u get from other girls outside and she doesn’t know about, same goes to some ladies out there too “ojukokoro”will not destroy you.

If u have a very honest , straight forward and caring boyfriend or husband please cherish him because there are some hungry lioness out there looking for other people’s boyfriend or husband to devour.

And for the guys biko respect we ladies, face that one Girlfriend you love, don’t waste each others time if u don’t love each other, biko be nice, it will never add to your bank account or increase Your CGPA, and shout out to those premature guys out there that are still meant to be in thier mother’s womb, that do gist there friends about how they slept with there girlfriend, most everyone know, and those friends to will keep smiling our wife, God go judge una, you ladies too you won’t keep your mouth shut, you will gist till you open ur mouth and tell them the color of boxers your boyfriend wore today, by the time they snatch him away from you na film trick you go call am that’s how smart some girls are, A1 in snatching other people’s things F9 in book….. Lol

Please let’s be honest with each other, that’s the only way we won’t break each others heart…..

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