What does the future hold for online slots?

Since their initial release in the 19th century, the fundamentals of a slot machine have barely changed at all. Players still spin reels in the hopes of landing symbols which will give them the jackpot. What has changed is the way slots are how slots are presented to us and their inner workings.

In the 19th century slot reels had to be physically spun by a lever while modern slots spin with the push of a button, while they guarantee a completely fair and random game thanks to the introduction of the RNG. Clunky, mechanical slots are slowly dying out, being replaced by online slots which can be played from the comfort of our own homes. Looking to the future, slots you play at megareel.com are going to be changing in exciting and unexpected ways.

Technological Advances 

Any sort of technological advancement will severely change the future of the slot industry. Online slots are so popular thanks to their amazing graphics and gameplay, they make players feel as if they are in a casino no matter where they are playing from. Graphics are only going to improve as time goes on, providing a more immersive experience. What’s most exciting is the emergence of virtual reality technology, slot developers have been experimenting with this tech and as it becomes more and more available to the general public online slots will continue to utilize this technology. This provides an incredibly immersive experience, with the realistic sounds and graphics coupled with the 360 degree headset making players feel as if they are really at a casino. 

Bigger Community leads to Increased Demand 

Online slots have had an influx of new players over the past few years, particularly during this year. This will inevitably lead to an increase in demand from players. Developers are expected to keep the high standard of games that they have been releasing, with competition so high and more people than ever wanting content, the slot industry has actually benefited from the 2020 pandemic. With all these new players, expect the community to play a bigger role with slot gaming going forward. The one thing that online slots cannot replicate is the face to face meetings you have in brick and mortar casinos, however there has been a greater push for networking across online slots. Players are encouraged to visit forums, read reviews and generally just communicate with other players, this creates a sense of community and greatly benefits the slot gaming experience. 

Evolution of Slot Games? 

Slot games themselves are evolving, with some games becoming much more strategy based than previous iterations. These skill based slots are designed to capture the attention of younger players. No matter what the outcome is one thing is clear, slots will continue to evolve. 


The future looks very bright for online slots, with new technology on the horizon and more people than ever before enjoying slots. Changes are coming and slots will eventually evolve leaving only one thing for certain, people will always love playing slot games.

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