Step by Step: Voting procedures for February 16th elections [#NigeriaDecides2019]

Nigerians will on 16th February, 2019, Saturday, come out to vote in the General elections to elect the President, Vice President and the National Assembly.

Okay Nigeria has arraigned procedures step by step for eligible voters to go through ahead of the day of the elections.

NOTE: On Election Day, polling stations will open for Accreditation and Voting from 8:00 am to 2.00 pm.

However, voters are to queue before the close of poll at 2:00 pm will be accredited and allowed to vote.

How to vote on Saturday,16th February, 2019: Step by Step

Step 1. A voter is expected to join the queue where an INEC official will confirm if you are at the correct polling unit.

Also during this process, the INEC official will confirm that the PVC (Permanent Voters Card) presented belongs to you. You will be directed to another official.

Step 2. The other INEC official will ask you to present your PVC so as use the card reader to confirm if your PVC is authentic. You will be asked to place your finger on the card reader.

Step 3. Again, another INEC official will ask for your PVC and confirm you are listed in the voters’ register. Your name will be ticked, your finger will be inked to confirm you have been accredited to vote and your PVC will be returned to you. If your name is not found you cannot vote.

Step 4. The Presiding Officer will stamp, sign and endorse your ballot paper. You will be given the ballot paper rolled with the printed side inwards and directed to the voting cubicle.

Step 5. You will stain your finger with the ink given and use the stained finger to mark the box for your preferred candidate/party. Be sure that the mark falls within the box of the candidate/party you are voting for else your vote will be void. After that, roll the ballot paper in the manner you were given.

Step 6. Then leave the voting cubicle and drop the ballot paper in the ballot box in full view of people at the Polling Unit.

Step 7. Leave the Polling Unit or wait if you so choose, in an orderly and peaceful manner, to watch the process up to the declaration of result after counting.

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