Sport is a Universal Language: Here is Why

Sport is a Universal Language: Here is Why - OkayNG News

Language varies among different people, cultures and country. This diversity is what distinguishes us from each other, but creates a beautiful mosaic of diversity.

Sports is one of the few events that bring people together especially on a global scale. The FIFA world cup is one of these events that bring people together.

When the FIFA world cup was held this year in Russia, people from different countries all over the world converged in the country. Fans of football have transversed boundaries to cheer on their favourite countries and players. There are many Betway Nigeria online football betting fans who have gone on to Russia this year in the FIFA World Cup to see their favorite teams play. And many even cheered for teams others than their home country – it’s just how football and sports is.

This is how sports bring people together beyond cultural lines and geographic boundaries. It erases away the man-made created boundaries and brings to us a more inclusive world, where we all cherish each other.

What is the Top Event that Helped Erase Bridges?


One of the most remembered sports events that bridged cultural differences was during World War 1. Accounts have it that during Christmas day in 1914, British soldiers, French soldiers and German soldiers enjoyed a day of soccer. Moreover, they shared Christmas carols and friendliness despite the state of the world at that particular time.

Sports help people or countries resolve small differences on a level field. For instance, during in Greece during the Olympic Games, all wars were resolved during sports events. The winners of the game would receive a wreath of olive leaves with honour. Some of the teams would go further and destroy their opponent’s city wall to enlarge cities.

This has gone through to be infused in today’s world of sports. For instance, in most games nations parade their country’s flags. After a win, an athlete boasts by running across the arena and is applauded by everyone.

When people are watching a sporting event for about an hour or two they get to forget their differences.


Sports Tournaments: A Lot More Than Just Winning a Prize


Every sport has its own community that understands its own rules and athleticism. Even though people are participating in sports events for the medals, prize, money and the pride, they also get to learn from one another. Some athletes get to be recognized on a global platform where they get to share their journeys with different people.

As an athlete, you get to interact with different cultures on a more intimate level. Moreover, you get to communicate with people not only in your first language but learn a different one.

Sports and language go hand in hand. Therefore if one is participating in an international event they have the opportunity to learn the language of the country beforehand. This makes it easier for the community with people.

Sports makes us all equals without a care in the world of people’s background.

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