See Leaked Photos Of Ugandan Song-Bird Desire Luzinda That Has Been Circulating Online


The lovely and endowed Ugandan singer has had a pretty long weekend. After being arrested on Friday over a Sh.21 million debt, her boyfriend refused to bail her out after which she turned to a Ugandan politician for help.

Her angered lover then fell prey to the green-eyed monster after which he released nude pictures of the curvaceous damsel on to the internet. Pictures which have been circulating the internet and WhatsApp all weekend.

Now Ugandan authorities are on the hunt for Luzinda’s estranged boyfriend for originating and distributing his girlfriend’s nude pictures.

The Nigerian national is also wanted for having a fake Ugandan passport, though some sources say that Franklin could actually be a Ugandan from Rutooma in Western Uganda.

They Say Karma is a B1TCH and it seems she might have come too Soon for for Ugandan Princess Desire. Desire’s Ex-Lover might have stomached enough after she has been playing her for a Series of Men. The Ex-Lover of Nigerian Nationality who goes by the name Franklin Emuobor leaked the PHOTOS after Desire allegedly was arrested for UShs21 million debt and she wanted Franklin to bail him out.

Franklin instead went ahead and posted Desire’s N#de on his Instagram page and vowed to leak the video on WhatsApp and credible sources indicate the video is already going round on WhatsApp but we are yet to get it.

Later former Kampala Mayor Alhajji Nasser Ntege Sebagala popularly known as Seya came to her rescue bailing her out. Its Clear that Seya is one of the man included in Desire’s LOVE TRIANGLE.

Here is what Franklin posted on his Instagram;

  1. esther isienyi says

    Ure a loser and will for be a loser, wat is in nude pixs? Wit time it will pass and if u dnt knw u made her more popular! Fool

  2. mandy says

    show us whole pic dnt hide specific parts.thnx

  3. hussein soster says

    may GOD punish that nigerian monkey

  4. abel says

    is not good atoughl

  5. Anonymous says

    nothin last 4ever ma dear.. wama bigya kugwa desire… sam men are too foolish 2 deserve such crap.. so dnt b afraid 2 stand alone… may b God has a reason 4 that…

  6. kathryn says

    Neva b afraid 2 stand alon

  7. Calst says

    Flanklyn think like those men you listed not like adolescents! She had reasons she cheated on u and instead of working on it u expose pictures. Is that hard for u to think or u thought exposing pictures wud bring her back to u or wud pay ur money, wonder wy ur brain has failed to develop. I still like Desire even more and she deserves men with proper reasoning capacity. Go ahead and expose more coz that’s all u know and leave men to think like men.

  8. wapy payas says

    all that is nothing, yr still our celeb and we will keep loving U and even all that has made you popular+++++ so dont worry

  9. Muhammed Hassan says

    It not a surprise things it’s the sign of endtime, its mentioned in Qur’an.

  10. kats says

    Hahahaha the man had areason , and i cnt blame the man doing first gt where got the man from acassino tht love last for sure , she was nt introduced ,she knws nothing about the man
    Desire u deserved it and it will b alesson to all
    Naye kyakusanila next time to look forwad and reason b4 doing wat u did
    So they say b4 chewing anut first judge yo us o where it will pass gettin out bt u never judged yo ……………..

  11. benjamin balix says

    dis is not nude pics cause is blocked.

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