Boko Haram and ISIS insurgent groups have been described as two of the world’s most notorious insurgent groups. A new reports however shows that the two groups might never work together over Racism. ISIS has reportedly started operating in Northern Africa and there have been worries maybe someday the Syria based group might want to team up with Nigerian based Boko-Haram as they groups carry out similar operations and are funded by almost the same ideology.

According to NBC news, United States intelligence officers have revealed that the two groups might never be able to team up and work together as racism might prevent them from unity.
“The Arab world is incredibly racist,” explained a U.S. intelligence official. “They don’t see black Africans as equivalent to them.”

ISIS may show “affinity” with Boko Haram, said the official, “but they stop short of allegiance.” Moreover, said the official, while Boko Haram has in the past year released videos to show “affiliation” with groups like ISIS, there’s no evidence of either group sending members to fight with the other. And while Boko Haram has praised ISIS, and shown the ISIS flag in videos, ISIS has not reciprocated.

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“There are still questions of the ISIS view of Boko Haram and Nigeria,” said the official. “But Boko Haram does not operate in sync with ISIS. The caliphates are separate.” There was concern last October when Boko Haram declared its caliphate that the two might team up, but there’s no indication that’s happening, said the official.