Reconstruction Of Malumfashi Palace: An Invitation To Chaos by Muazzam Funtua

Sarkin Maskan Katsina’s Palace deserves more attention than any other

It was recently learnt that Katsina state Government, under the leadership of Rt. Hon Aminu Bello Masari, has set to renovate/reconstruct Malumfashi palace. This action by the state Government has caused chaos within Funtua community. earlier  today received a written article via email title “Reconstruction Of Malumfashi Palace: An Invitation To Chaos”

The statement reads as follow:

Justice and fairness are among the most essential attributes a leader must possess. Their dearth in a leader raises the chances of chaos amongst his subjects. Various verses of the Holy Qur’an and Prophetic traditions encourage Muslims to be just and fair. Sociologically, only a just leader can gain the loyalty of his subjects.

It is on this note that I put my pen on paper to remind our amiable governor His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Aminu Bello Masari, CFR (Dallatun Katsina, Matawallen Hausa) on the excessive responsibility and mandate he carries of the great people of Katsina state.

People of Katsina were shocked following the news of reconstruction of the palace of His Highness, The Galadiman Katsina, District Head of Malumfashi as published by Katsina Post (a trusted online news platform that reports events of Katsina state) on 22nd March, 2020. Although the news has been there on the walls of some individuals on Facebook which among them was the Special Assistant of the Governor on New Media (Funtua Zone), it did not get the attention of most people until they read it on Katsina Post.

However, the renovation would not have been a surprise if the other palaces across the state were given equal treatment. For instance, the closest palace to me, the palace of His Highness, The Sarkin Maska, District Head of Funtua was renovated just a year ago.

Nevertheless, two questions have been disturbing my repose. First, why is it that Funtua Palace was only repainted with mere change of roofing? Second, why was Malumfashi exempted from the renovation when most of the palaces where renovated (as I was told by a close associate to the Governor) until after a year? These prompted to me the thought that there was a plan to elevate the status of Malumfashi palace.

Honestly, if there is any palace in the state that qualifies to be reconstructed apart from Katsina and Daura, is Funtua as Sarkin Maska currently resides there since when the palace was moved from Maska.

History has it that Maska Emirate has been there since 15th Century when Sarkin Maska Bako who ruled from 1485 to 1494 was the Emir of Maska. Sarkin Maska Bako was a contemporary of Sarkin Katsina Korau, the first Muslim Emir of Katsina who ruled from 1445 to 1495.

Interestingly, Maska Emirate as one of the oldest in Kasar Hausa, before colonial rule has had traditional officers like Galadiman Maska, Ajiyan Maska, Madawakin Maska, Makaman Maska, Durbin Maska, Jarman Maska and many titles in existence at that time. It also has Ganuwa (city walls) just like any other old emirate. The gates then included Kofar Kudu, Kofar Arewa, Kofar Gabas, Kofar Yamma among others. It has had a fortified palace with complete Kofar Fada and Kofar Bai.

The colonial conquest in Northern Nigeria affected Maska Emirate where it was subsequently made a district under Katsina at a time Sokoto, Gobir, Kano, Kontagora, Zaria, Bauchi, Kano, Sokoto and even Katsina either surrendered or been conquered between 1902 and 1903.

On why Maska headquarters was transferred to Funtua Engr Tukur Muhammad Lawal said “Funtua is the child of Katsina that was nursed during the intrusion of alien civilizations. The central location of Funtua suited the economics of the British colonial enterprise; this led to the influence of the British in getting lots of infrastructure provided in the town and this culminated into the transfer of the Maska District headquarters to Funtua in 1927”. This transfer was similar to that of Gombe.

Based on this historical background of Maska, I humbly submit that Sarkin Maskan Katsina’s Palace deserves more attention than any other. I therefore call on our respected governor to look into the matter justly without being partial, if he does, it will definitely wipe away the doubt some people hold following transfers of Army Barrack, NOUN, Water Enhancement projects to Malumfashi/Kafur axis of the zone which were meant to be done in Funtua axis.

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