Real Madrid Displaced By Dallas Cowboys As The World Richest Team


Real Madrid has been displaced from the first to second behind NFL team the Dallas Cowboys as a soccer team does not top the Forbes World’s Most Valuable Sports Team List for the first time since 2011.

The Cowboys move up one place with an estimated value of $4bn (£3.02bn), up from $3.2bn (£2.4bn) last year, with Real – top of the list for the last three years – in second position, despite their value rising by almost 12.5 per cent to $3.65bn (£2.75bn).

Barcelona are up one spot to third at $3.55bn (£2.68bn), Manchester United – ranked first in 2011 and 2012 –  stay fifth at $3.32bn (£2.5bn), and NFL team the San Francisco 49ers at $2.7bn (£2.04bn) rise 22 places to take 10th spot.

World’s Top 10 Most Valuable Sports Teams

Team Current value ($bn) Sport 2015 rank
Dallas Cowboys 4.0 NFL 2
Real Madrid 3.65 Soccer 1
Barcelona 3.55 Soccer 4
New York Yankees 3.4 MLB 2
Manchester United 3.32 Soccer 5
New England Patriots 3.2 NFL 6
New York Knicks 3.0 NBA 8
Washington Redskins 2.85 NFL 9
New York Giants 2.8 NFL 12
Los Angeles Lakers 2.7 NBA 6
San Francisco 49ers 2.7 NFL 22


The average current value of the top 50 most valuable teams is $2.2 billion (£1.66bn), which is the highest to date and a 25 per cent increase from last year. Cost of admission to the 2016 list is also the highest ever at $1.48bn (£1.12bn), up from $1.15bn a year ago.

Major League Baseball team the New York Yankees at $3.4bn (£2.56bn) and basketball franchise the New York Knicks at $3bn (£2.26bn) are the only non-soccer and non-NFL teams in the top 10.

NFL teams represent half of the top ten most valuable sports teams in the world, driven by lucrative broadcasting contracts. There are also a total of 27 NFL teams in the top 50, with eight soccer teams and the same number of NBA franchises. No ice hockey, Formula 1 or Nascar teams made the cut.

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