PDP’s Musa Wada rejects Kogi election results

The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the Kogi State, Musa Wada, has rejected the results already announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Sunday.

Speaking to newsmen during a press conference in Lokoja on Sunday, Wada said the results that had been announced were fabricated.

The PDP candidate noted that the result for Okene Local Government Area of 112,764 for the All Progressives Congress (APC) and 139 for PDP was fictitious.

He said, “Imagine Okene LGA which used to return 40,000 votes in the past elections suddenly brought out 112,000 votes while her neighbouring Okehi also brought in 64,000, the figures that will be more than the rest local governments in the state.

“It is the insincerity of the APC that has made the whole process a sham… APC has taken Nigeria back to the dark days It is not about Wada but of the suffering masses of the state. I am pained for the people to continue to suffer for another four years.

“On whether I will get justice, it is a common knowledge about how all the institutions have been bastardised by the APC government. However, I have to exhaust all legal means to get redress. Look at how the results were written by the agents of government and you can see that Lokoja, the state capital which was agog yesterday is a shadow of its self as nobody is celebrating.

“The results are not the true representation of what happened on the field, figures are just been allocated. Our aim to contest is to effect positive change which the people massively gave us their votes before the government decided to kill the joy of the people.”

Wada said he campaigned vigorously across the state, alleging that “the cabal in the APC government will not allow the will of the people to prevail”.

“We were prepared for the election, we campaigned across all the Local Government Areas. But how can one confront a government with all the apparatus of coercion?

“Imagine security agents using helicopters to teargas voters. It happened in Ganaja, some people were shot from the helicopter. In fact, two persons lost their lives.

“We have to reject the results even when the release is ongoing because you don’t need to be killed before you cry out.

“I won this election free and fair. Just imagine that they leave out the rigged election of Okene, Okehi and the several cases of brutality meted on our supporters, and the widely reported cases of ballot snatching, I would have won neatly.”

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