Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Ends the Month of November on a High Note

As Pastor Chris Oyakhilome brings November, the ‘Month of Praise’ to
a close, millions of followers take to Twitter to post videos and
messages of gratitude for his inspiration and prayers over this
challenging year.

The Man of God and founder of Christ Embassy, also known as the LoveWorld Ministries, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has used a mathematical formula to predict when the rapture will happen. 

Followers took to Twitter to share the video of this “Almighty Formula,” which puts the date of rapture between four to six years, but not exceeding ten years. 

“If the rapture does not happen in three years, it will be six years. If it does not happen in six years, it will not exceed 10 years,” Pastor Chris stated.

The second coming of Christ is a Christian, Islamic, Bahai and Messianic Jewish belief regarding Jesus’ return to Earth after his ascension to heaven about 2000 years ago, which will happen within a decade, according to Pastor Chris.

Christians expect Jesus to set up a kingdom on Earth upon his arrival. Then, He will judge his enemies and reward the faithful ones, both living and dead.

Pastor Chris explained that at the rapture, it makes no difference where you are, the power of God will snatch you away from this world. 

Christians who have died will be resurrected, and together with them, we will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord. As it is closer than ever; it is going to be anytime soon, Pastor Chris said.

According to him, our responsibility is to be prepared by living our life for the Lord every day. Keep walking in love, and our faith will be activated to be caught up to be with the Lord at His appearing.

It has been an inspiring journey for Pastor Chris to get to this point, where the church has over 13 million followers and congregants all over the world. 

Originally studying architecture at the Ambrose Alli University in Ekpoma, Nigeria, he started ministering to small groups on campus, which over time evolved to become Believers LoveWorld Inc. 

Pastor Chris has offered so much comfort and support to followers all over the world during the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic this year. These comforting videos were broadcast live on various LoveWorld digital platforms and satellite stations.

Global Days of Prayer with Pastor Chris

As we head towards the end of November, we look forward to the final Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris for the year 2020, the ‘Year of Perfection’. 

Pastor Chris has hosted three other Global Days of Prayer previously this year, the first of which was received by over three billion online viewers on March 27th.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome partnered with the world-renowned televangelist and longtime friend Benny Hinn. The two of them have ministered together on several occasions in front of live audiences, as well on the Christ Embassy-owned television network, Inside LoveWorld USA. 

During the event, they preached for 24 hours non-stop, which received tremendous success and results. LoveWorld President, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, stressed the importance of praying by emphasizing the need for Christians all around the world to bond together in prayers for the Church and the nations of the world. The Global Days of Prayer provide the perfect opportunity for the saints to fulfill their intercessory ministry.

“The reason why He invited us to pray is because He intended to answer. Jesus taught us how to pray. From the scriptures, we learn about prayer. Prayer by the prophets, prayer by the apostles of Jesus. Prayer is not a sign of weakness. Prayer is our faith talking to God,” Pastor Chris said at the sermon.

Since its inception over 30 years ago, Christ Embassy has become one of the largest faith-based organizations in Africa, with a diverse group of followers. It has a global group of subsidiaries all over the world and many digital platforms and social hubs, which have been instrumental in attracting millions of young devoted Christians around the world. These include KingsChat, CeFlix and Yookos among others. 

Technology within Christ Embassy

The International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference 2020, which took place in November, was the highlight of the year. The IPPC prepared everyone for greatness and growth in the ministry. The sessions provided opportunities for illumination and the development of impactful leadership.

The International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference of the LoveWorld Nation is an annual congregation of the world’s most highly esteemed delegates convening from across the globe to be inspired, educated and empowered, with the exclusive opportunity of growth and learning of the word of God, brought by the man of God, Pastor Chris.

Several ceremonies took place during this epochal event, including the International Media Connectors’ Conference (IMCC).  One of the aims of the IMMC is the concept of innovation, which is the process of translating an idea or product into a service that produces monetary value. LoveWorld Inc. has been leading the way with its innovative ways to spread the Gospel for years.

A big undertaking of a Christian is the joy of Evangelism and soul winning. As the lead Pastor and Director of Christ Embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has delivered thousands of sermons and teachings to billions of people around the world. 

The messages are always relevant and spoken with compassion, understanding and enlightenment. All of them are shown on LoveWorld TV, which is the first 24-hour Christian satellite television network to broadcast from Africa to the rest of the world. It catapults Pastor Chris to global prominence. Connecting with social media, using Twitter and Facebook is an integral part of the ministry now.

In July this year, the LoveWorld Nation hosted a successful Social Media Week, which offered seminars, workshops and product reveals. The purpose of the Social Media Week was to empower the LoveWorld Nation to maximize the readily available technological tools for economic growth and personal development.

Two of the ministry’s most popular social media tools are KingsChat and CeFlix, who teamed up in the launch of the week-long online conference.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome invited people to learn the power of social media, Twitter, videos and soul-winning in November.
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