Our 14-Year Old Daughter Was Abducted and Married Off – Igbo Parents in Zaria Cry Out


Mr. Ndubuisi Nichodemus, father of one Ifeoma who has been renamed Aisha has cried out over the abduction and subsequent marriage of teenage daughter.

Speaking during an interview session with Sun News, Mr Ndubuisi a resident of Sabon-Gari, Zaria, Kaduna State, appealed to the authorities concerned, to help rescue his daughter, allegedly in the custody of another man since 2014.

He said, ”it all started in May (2014) when she came home late and her mother talked to her. She then left the compound to our neighbour’s place. We lived in the midst of Hausa who are majorly Muslims. So, we learnt that Abdullahi has taken her to Mallam, Khalil who work with Ahmadu Bello University, at Energy Research here in Samaru. The next thing we heard was the conversion of our daughter to Islam.

”So after we approached him for the release of our daughter, he told us she had traveled to Sokoto. When we reported the case to the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Zaria, and they wrote to Commissioner of Police Kaduna State, Directorate of State Security (DSS) for assistance, the Police Commissioner, Shehu Umar, sent some of his men to Zaria, that the girl should be handed over to her biological parents.

”But on getting to Zaria, the man has gone to Sharia Court in Zaria to collect a court order, granting him the custody of the girl. This was granted without consulting her biological father. So, we were told that our daughter had been moved from Zaria to one school called Da-rul Islam in Kaduna where new converts are usually taken to. This attitude is capable of igniting religion crisis in the State. We have been in Zaria for more than three decades without having any issue with anybody.

”Now when we approached the school in Kaduna alongside the CAN representative, the school told us to go and get a written clarification to that effect because there was a written order from court before she was admitted. The school later appealed to us to come and take our girl because she was given them problem. But we need court order to do that. Even with the intervention of the Commissioner of Police that the girl should be released to us, the court refused to release her and instead transferred the case to upper Sharia court in Zaria.

”In fact, for more than a year now, we have not set our eyes on our own daughter when we are still alive. We are against this impunity that our child will be in custody of another man when we the parents are alive. The whole episode had even forced us out of the former house where it all started. We are hereby calling on concerned authorities including the State government to come to our rescue. They have aborted her schooling. She has also been kept incommunicado as we are no longer hearing from her. She remains a Christian and not a Muslim as they claim. She is just a 15-year-old girl and that makes her a minor in this case. I want my daughter back so she can continue with her education.”

Ifeoma’s mother, Angnes Nichodemus on her part saud, “I was told that one Hausa boy has been given my daughter, a minor, as wife without our input as parents. I was made to realise that the boy is working inside ABU here in Zaria, though I don’t know whether as a staff of the school or not. This is rather modern oppression and slavery.

”We have been doing everything we could legally. But from the way it has been, it shows we are not one Nigeria. You can imagine how you will feel as a mother when your child is missing. But my daughter’s case is different because for more than a year now she is being in custody of another man. No contact, no phone call. This is rather unfortunate.”

The Police on its part, through its Kaduna Command Public Relations Officer (PPRO), DSP Zubair Abubakar, confirmed the incident but declined to comment further

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