Oprah Winfrey Makes $12.5M from One Tweet About Bread

oprah - Oprah Winfrey Makes $12.5M from One Tweet About Bread

loves and investors love Oprah.

Immediately after the media mogul tweeted a video of herself Tuesday afternoon proclaiming she had lost 26 pounds while eating bread every single day on a Weight Watchers diet, shares of the diet company skyrocketed more than 20%, closing at $13.29 a share.

Half hour before the money-making tweet, which went out around noon, Weight Watchers’ stock was trading at $11.35 a share.

As a result, Oprah who owns 6.4 million shares, or roughly 10% of the stockearned $12.5 million dollars on a single tweet, or more than $3 million an hour.

Oprah made a whopping $19.2 million Tuesday, or close to $5 million an hour. She took a 10% stake in Weight Watchers last year — nearly 15% including options — a move that made investors giddy then too and has helped revive the struggling company.

Shares moved more than 100% the day of her announcement, making Winfrey $70 million. Shares jumped again at the end of the year when Winfrey tweeted a video of herself talking about why she joined Weight Watchers, writing “let’s do this together.”

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