Northerners slam Ahmed Musa for sharing loved up photo with wife

Muslims espicially the Hausa people of Northern part of Nigeria have dragged Ahmed Musa for posting a loved up picture with his wife.

In the picture shared on his offical Facebook handle, Ahmed Musa was seen smiling and looking at the camera while his beautiful wife gave him a peck of kiss.

This however didn’t sit well with the Hausa people who started attacking him saying it’s non Islamic

The Southerners and some Northerners however stand with him saying it’s not a bad thing to do that since she’s his wife

Unlike how many will think, Islam doesn’t prohibit a man from treating his wife lovely neither did the religion prohibit romance between married couple.

However, in the Hausa Culture, couples aren’t permitted to touch or show love to each other in public as that is regarded as unshyness.

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