Nigerian Army Recalls 33 Soldiers Out of Retirement


The Nigerian Army has re-engaged 33 of its retired officers to serve as consultants and instructors at the Nigerian Army School of Artillery (NASA), Kachia, Kaduna State.

Major-General Lawrence Jokotola (rtd) stated this at the pulling out parade organised for him and 32 other retired generals of NACA at the Kalapanzi Barracks yesterday in Kaduna.

“As retired gunner officers, we are available at all times to contribute in whatever way the corps sends us fit to perform in the achievement of its organisational goals and indeed those of the Nigerian Army,” he said.

“There is no gainsaying that the challenges the military is currently facing are not unsurmountable if the old ideals of training, good administration and discipline address are extolled.

“I therefore enjoin all gunners to rise up to the occasion and do the nation proud by providing timely, accurate and effective support for the Nigerian Army in its drive to meet up with its constitutional responsibilities at all times.

“We all started the journey in the service of our fatherland as young men and grew up to become the retired generals that we are today.

“We were privileged to get the best education and training while in active service and these opportunities moulded all of us into the responsible citizens that we are today.”