Manchester United Prepare For Europa League Final Versus Ajax

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Manchester United have received positive news over the fitness of Chris Smalling and Marouane Fellaini

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There’s heightened security for the Europa League game tonight , and understandably so.

The players and fans will almost certainly know people who were affected by the recent terrorist attack in Manchester, and the game will – at least initially – be played in a subdued mood. United were criticised by some for not having a press conference before the game, yesterday, but it is worth remembering that saying the wrong thing, rather than nothing at all, might have made things even worse for those concerned.

Jose Mourinho did issue a statement about the circumstances of the match , though, saying:

“We are all very sad about the tragic events; we cannot take out of our minds and our hearts the victims and their families,” said Mourinho.

“We have a job to do and we will fly to Sweden to do that job. It is a pity we cannot fly with the happiness that we always have before a big game. “I know, even during my short time here, that the people of Manchester will pull together as one.

Sorry, are we meant to believe that Martin Keown, one of the world’s worst pundits, who states the obvious more often than he breathes, is going to offer any kind of insight at all? I find it hard to believe he spent more than 37 seconds doing his own research .

In the Guardian, Daniel Taylor believes it won’t be easy for United’s players to clear their mind after the terrorist attack .

And lastly, there’s some team news : Marouane Fellaini and Chris Smalling are expected to be fit for the game against Ajax tonight. Anyway, let’s hope that there are no more miserable incidents, and that United win the Europa League tonight. More than ever, I imagine the players are looking forward to the end of the season for a fresh start.


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