‘I Take Care Of My Daughter’ – Chris Brown Denies Being Under Investigation By Child Protective Services



Chris Brown & daughter, Royalty
Chris Brown addressed rumors that he’s being investigated by Child Protective
Services on Thursday, September 22. The “Kiss Kiss” singer, 27, shares 2-year-old daughter Royalty with ex Nia Guzman.

“I take care of my daughter fully,” Brown said in a since-deleted Instagram video.
“Somebody make an accusation, 90 percent of y’all believe it, and it’s bulls–t,” he continued. “The last three weeks or whatever been going on with the accusations, you know it’s false.”

Earlier in the day, TMZ reported that the Department of Community & Family Services and the LAPD visited Brown’s home in Tarzana, California. Guzman allegedly filed a complaint against him over his recent arrest on suspicion of assault.

As previously reported, a woman named Baylee Curran claimed last month that Brown threatened her with a gun at his home while she was admiring a piece of jewelry. She was kicked out and refused to sign a nondisclosure agreement, promptly calling the police. Brown was eventually handcuffed, taken to a local jail and posted bail at $250,000.

The former beauty queen later opened up about the alleged incident. “Chris came in,
pulled out his gun and said, ‘I’m getting so sick of you people,’ pointed the gun at me,
[and told me] to get the eff out of the house,” she claimed to Extra. “I took my phone and made a run for it. I fled down his driveway. I went to the left side of the street, went up a couple houses, was running. That’s when the neighbors heard the commotion and saw me out there and then called the police, and that is when I then called the police.”

Brown, meanwhile, spoke out about the scandal via Instagram and received support from his friend Ray J, who was at the scene at the time. “I’m innocent. F–k errbody,” Brown said in a video. “I ain’t fid s–t, I ain’t gon’ do s–t, and it’s always gon’ be f–k the police.”

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