I Hold CCT Chairman Position As Viceroy Of God – Justice Danladi Umar


The Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) chairman, Justice Danladi Umar, has reacted to Senator Bukola Saraki’s call that he steps down as chairman, stressing that, he holds the position as a viceroy of God.

Umar called Saraki’s attention to the fact that he as appeared three times before a committee set up by the National Assembly to investigate the bribery allegation while his accusers did not honour the invitation.

He also emphasised that he is holding the position as a representative of God. “I hold this position as a viceroy of God and if I didn’t do it the way he want me to do it, I will be removed,” Umar said.

He also said he can only be prosecuted by the Attorney General of the Federation if there were evidence to do so and not based on mere suspicion.

At this point, Rotimi Jacobs jumped in, asking the Chairman of CCT to stop exchanging words with Saraki’s defence lawyer, Raphael Oluyede and instead speak through his ruling on the matter.

Oluyede did not find the intervention funny as he accused the prosecution counsel of trying to take over proceedings in the court, leading to exchange of words between him and the prosecuting counsel.

Even when the Justice Umar asked him to stop, he refused leading to the Judge threatening to send him to prison for contempt again.

The defence lawyer promptly sat down.

Umar will rule on his eligibility today.

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