How To Cope With Your Breakup Without Falling Apart

Break up

Love is magical at the first stage of every relationship, every seems perfect like nothing can ever go wrong. It feels like paradise and you and your partner are the only ones in a big romantic garden. Most times after a breakup, you just want to lock yourself away from the world and cry your eyes out. As much as it’s good to let out your pain, it’s not okay if you dwell in your misery for too long.

Here are some tips of ways to cope with your breakup without falling apart.

1. Build your confident.

Your past relationship can leave you feeling not only depressed, but unclear about who you really are. So, first, regroup. Feel free to sit still (and even analyze) for a few weeks, as suppressed grief sticks around, but don’t linger here for months!

Losing someone we love leads us to amazing new life directions, precisely because it changed us or because we’re forced to change after he leaves. Taking that first step is exciting, so turn off your electronics, put down the remote, and reconnect inward. Try to find your confidence once more and fall-in love with someone else who would really appreciate you.

2. Distance yourself from your ex

if it will make you feel better, delete the contacts, delete pictures and videos that has contains memories. Burn or hide gifts that will make you think of your ex. Avoid slow and boring love songs, change your playlist with inspirational songs that can help you move on.

3. Find new things to do

That’s a great way to overcome depression. Take on new tasks or try to complete that unfinished project you abandoned when you were still dating your ex. Hang out with friends and family, distract yourself and try not to be alone because an idle man is a devil work shop.

4. Self-love is needed

In everything you do, put yourself first. Love and appreciate yourself and how much your failed relationship has changed you. Try to look on the positive side, now you know what you want and what you don’t appreciate.

5. Learn to forgive

It may take a long while to forgive a person who hurt you at your core. Let go of any wrong you and your ex may have done to each other while dating. Free your mind from guilt and you’ll be the best you can be in your next relationship.

6. Reconnect with people who lift you up

When you feel that hum of inner happiness, clarity, and confidence start back up that’s when you can make some key decisions and start reconnecting with people again. Taking action and plugging back into our lives leads us away from dependency on our exes. We can now rely on ourselves for self-worth, self-love, and comfort and entertainment. Hang out with people who appreciate the parts of you that your ex criticized or rejected. Do the things he’d never do with you. When you stop simmering in the past, you’ll find your true partner in the present.

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