How Spelling Mistake Made A Hospital Patient Bleed To Death.


How A Spelling Mistake Made A Hospital Patient Bleed To Death.

The surgery was done to repair a life-threatening bulge in the patient’s main artery. And everything had gone well until her blood pressure suddenly dropped.

But not to worry, the surgeon called for replacement blood which normally is made available for such procedures. He was in for a shock.

He was told there was no replacement blood on standy-by as it had been sent back to the blood bank, Evening Standard reports.

The blood was returned because the patient’s name, Irmgard was spelled incorrectly (as Irngard) on the supplies.

All-purpose O-Negative blood was obtained within the next hour, but it was already late.

Mrs Cooper Irmgard, who was aged 85, left a husband, two children, and three grandchildren behind.

London North West Healthcare runs the culprit Northwick Park hospital and has admitted liability in the case.

“I would like to offer my sincere condolences to the family of Irmgard Cooper and say how sorry I am for what happened,” chief executive Jacqueline Docherty said.

“We accept the coroner’s verdict. Prior to the inquest, the trust undertook a full internal investigation, and has implemented systems to ensure that incidents of this nature do not occur again.”

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