Five Secrets of Attracting Women….

Laws of Attraction:

1. Attracting women with honesty.

She wants a man who is what he appears to be, with no hidden agendas or slick sales pitches. Lying and deceit dissolve trust, but truthfulness is the glue that holds two people together.

2. Attracting women with kindness.

She wants a man who knows how to consider the needs and feelings of someone besides himself. A little thoughtfulness and generosity go a long way toward piquing a woman’s interest.

3. Attracting women with passion and purpose.

She wants a man who knows himself, loves life, and lives it fully. Discover what inspires and energizes you in life—and your woman will be motivated to join you in your pursuits.

4. Attracting women with confidence.

She wants a man who is full of self-assurance and self-respect. Few things are as attractive to a woman than a man who is confident but not cocky, secure but not selfish.

5. Attracting women with charm.

She wants a man who will be able to fascinate, enchant, delight or please her greatly by his handsomeness. Figure out ways to captivate, ravish and allure her attention.

*Attracting women is not a strategy, it’s a way of life. Many men think wooing a woman is mostly about looking good and acting cool. Most women, however, will tell you that the real attraction happens from the inside out.

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