Fireboy DML – Need You: Talking Points

My bet was off. “Need You”, is the first video of the Year 2020, from Fireboy DML and not “Vibration”. And I get it. Really. It is a great tune (struck a chord with me on first listen), makes a great intro to the album and ultimately, not a bad start off for the year. I also can appreciate with its release, that it strategically suffices for Valentine and all its accompaniments. Which can ensure, that there’s no rush to put out another video, barely a month after, when the song is still capitalizing on streaming tools, airplay and algorithm traction.

The highlight of the song “Need You” in my opinion, is its pleasing symphony, that makes you visualize an entire string section of a symphony orchestra. And that, I eagerly anticipated in its visuals, based off my multi-award-winning, imaginarily-directed music video, that didn’t come to fruition, because Mr. Fireboy DML, decided to go with some other guy, named Clarence Peters. So, I’m jealous (pun intended).

The official video, was released about a week ago, with a theme that’s set on: The Simple Life and a big plot twist. If you haven’t seen the video, here’s a chance to see it through my lens, including jocular talking points.

1. Agbalumo > Baseball

The video begins with DML reclined in the seat of his posh-looking convertible automobile. (For this article, we’ll be referring to him as DML). He steps out, serving us some customised Converse All Stars and proceeds to sit on the bonnet, while he momentarily tosses a baseball between his hands, and starts singing: “You sweet pass mango, you sweet pass agbalumo”. Now, this doesn’t sit right for some cringeworthy reason, and just makes you want to substitute it for one of the fruits he’s singing about. I mean, there are options. What makes it even more unacceptable, is that, Agbalumo is in season.

Fixed it though.

2. Celica > Benz

He moves on from trying to convince us, on why a baseball can take the stead of the sweetness of a mango and an agbalumo, to major talking points on automobiles.

The lines: “Me I no get Benz o, I no get Bentley baby”, elicit what causes you to do a double check on the automobile he’s seated in. Since, he appears to be singing in what looks like a luxury automobile. Your answer? In the first few seconds of the video, that spots the rear of the automobile and customised YBNL vehicle registration plate. He’s right, it’s a 2000 Toyota CELICA GT 3dr Hatchback and not a Benz or Bentley. That’s the pun.

3. His ‘N’ Hers

So, the reason why he’s parked on this long lonely bridge, buying time while singing in the car, is because he’s waiting to pick up who we’ll get to understand, is his love interest. She’s travelling down via road trip, as momentarily shown within these first few seconds. But that’s not the part. The fire part, is her first foot off the bus, that allows you spot her nicely customised Converse All Stars, that reads: “FIREGIRL”. You know his Converses I wrote about earlier? Yeah, his read: “FIREBOY DML”. That’s serving some major “His and Hers” couple goals and inspiration, that shouldn’t just end in successfully “peppering you” but serve as gift ideas. Yep, Valentine is less than a month away. I’ve done my bit guys.

4. A balanced diet = Balanced relationship

Taking silly recordings with a polaroid camera at the porch, in matching His and Hers dungarees, he starts off the second verse with the lines: “You know I miss you like an idiot misses the point// I need you like eko needs moi moi”. At this point and with these subtle food analogies, he’s effectively alluded to his love for food. And not just any type of food, a balanced diet that includes fruits (mango and agbalumo) and vegetables. There’s a saying that, a way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach but DML’s taking it a step further in teaching us that, a balanced diet makes for a balanced relationship.

5. A never-to-be-forgotten moment in love history

They’re back in the cabin and have gotten very comfortable, but an unforgettable moment goes by. At the best chance she’s got, FIREGIRL misses the opportunity to “play with his beard/goatee”. Now, the lyrics of the hook clearly say “fa mi n’irugbon” and that’s what he’d been singing about. She had just one job to do.

Anyway, that’s where the problems of the relationship started.

6. A feature from Nick Fury

Now, what makes it worse about her missing the opportunity to “fa the irun” is that, time is literally running out as he alludes to that, in the lines: “Love me while you can cos, time no dey”. What we’ll also get to find out, is that she had fled a toxic and abusive relationship to be with DML. As expressed in a note left for her abuser. There’s only one problem though, this abuser is Nick Fury. Yep, Nicholas Joseph Fury (Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D). He’s obviously upset with them, and stomps their faces in.


As orchestrated by me…

It’s obvious I’m interested in the Fireboy project, from my proposal of a visual album and now, this article. Another proposal would be, to subtly link characters and scenarios, with the concept of the visuals, so that they tell different parts and emotions of “A story“. Just as, the late Stan Lee’s cameo appearances in Marvel projects, which are either self-aware or reference his involvement in the creation of certain characters.

In this case, I would have loved to see a montage of simultaneous actions of “Joker from Scatter” (since it preceded this), conducting a large symphony orchestra and the scenes that unveil the “Nick Fury” villain.

The interpretation: tongue in cheek to the love story.

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