Ex-hacker turned writer, Suraj Sani, tenders apology to Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix

Suraj Sani, a Nigerian writer, has apologised to Nigerian rapper, Yung6ix, for hacking his site.

The 26-year-old in a post via his blog expressed regrets over his action which took place on the 26th May 2014.

“In my lifetime, I have done a lot of bad things I honestly regret. The worst of them is hacking the website of someone who influenced my whole career, how ironic,“ his post reads.

Narrating the incident, Suraj said: “On the 26th of May 2014, On a cool Monday morning I decided to spend the little break outside the school.

“I had after a postpoin a friend’s place. That friend was victor, we had a debate on who the best Nigerian rapper was at that time. As usual, I defended yung6ix with all my heart. then he brought his trump card, “you know everything about this yung6ix guy and he doesn’t even follow you on Twitter” he said. Well, I felt that it was a sucker punch, so I paused and told him “Do you know what? I am going to make him follow me today.”

“Quickly, I left and took my laptop and started scanning for vulnerabilities on his website.  I had the idea that if i hacked his website i could get his attention, so I found the easiest vulnerability ever. Back then i was using Gidipal as my stage name so i got in and left a message on his website.

“Then i went to twitter and tweeted at him, notifying him of my great achievement while he threatened me with an arrest.

A user @Kelvinhitune replied the tweet with “@GidiPal serious….true fans wanna b noticed”

“While yung6ix replied with “not at the risk of someone else’s progress.“

“I felt that, though I never apologised before now, yung6ix still followed me. Over the years I decided to turn a new leaf and deleted my old Twitter account.

“I wanted to contact him, but I couldn’t. So I came here and decided to do that on my blog. Yung6ix I’m sorry for the misdeed.“

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