Couples: 10 Things That Will Turn Your Relationship Sour


Talking about yourself all the time

There are two people in your relationship and you should take it in turns to let each other speak. Don’t interrupt- just let them talk- you will get your turn, but your partner will be less inclined to listen to you if you don’t give them the same respect.

Spending every waking moment together

You are both still your own person and need to do things alone or with other people. You can’t be 100% compatible with someone else’s hobbies, passions and social circle so let them have their space and seek some out for yourself too.

Giving each other the silent treatment

This is very frustrating for both of you because one of you struggles to communicate what’s wrong while the other has no idea how to fix it. If you can try to always vocalize how you are feeling, even if you can’t make sense of it right away, your partner might be able to help you unravel your reaction to something.

Talking badly of each other to outsiders

Speaking negatively about each other will only encourage gossip and things to be blown out of proportion. There is only two of you in your relationship, try to keep it that way because bad comments have a nasty way of finding their way back to the person they are about.

Not saying thank you

Your partner may not be one for grand gestures, however the simple act of cooking you tea, driving you home after a night out or fixing you a drink all need recognition. If you get into the habit of taking the little things for granted, they will start to feel unappreciated.

Criticizing their family and friends

Everyone has their faults, but they love their folks all the same and so should you unless they do something wildly out of turn. Partners become defensive when you attack those closest to them so think before you verbally attack someone else they care about.

Focusing on the bad

All couples get angry at their partners for not doing something or doing it the ‘wrong’ way. Try to see past that and focus on what they do right. You will find that the good outweighs the bad and those socks left on the floor are a sacrifice you are willing to make for all the positive stuff they do for you.

Not complimenting them

Such comments may have come easily when you first got together, but now it takes a real effort to remember to say something complimentary to your loved one. It is well worth it if you take the time out to notice your partner because it makes them feel loved and lusted after. If you don’t they will assume you don’t find them attractive anymore.

Taking out all your stresses on them

They are an easy target- they live under the same roof and are there when you get home. Rather than take out all your angst on them- tell them what’s bothering you and work through it together. You can be angry- just around them- not at them. There is little point in shouting at your partner because you want to shout at someone else. Conversation can diffuse extreme reactions to things so take advantage of the power interaction.

Not talking

Talking lets you blow off steam, address problems in your relationship, puts you and your partner on the same page and helps you learn new things about each other; to name a few. It has so many benefits within a partnership- if you stop, you might as well be roommates not lovers.

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