Bloggers Deserve Respect! Iconic Artistes, Actresses, Actors Would Still Begging For Fame Without Bloggers – Ajibike Adetola Writes

Bloggers Deserve Respect! Iconic Artistes, Actresses, Actors Would Still Begging For Fame Without Bloggers - Ajibike Adetola Writes

Yes, when we talk about the entertainment, music, even the movie industry when i say the movie industry am not referring to the Nollywood industry, damn am referring to every movie industry from the Nollywood to the Hollywood to the Ghallywood to the Bollywood, we know this people are here to entertain us especially in Nigeria. We have iconic musicians, people who are good at what they do, people who keeps the hustle real, people like 2Baba, Don Jazzy, D’banj, Wizkid, Davido and many more to mention. This article can’t be completed if we dont mention our giants in the Nollywood movie industry, people like Ini Edo, Gabriel Afolayan, Kunle Afolayan, Ramsey Noah, Jim Iyke and many more we can’t mention.

These are great icons and giants of the entertainment industry we can’t do without listening to their musics, watching their movies and also following them on twitter and their other social media handles as it follows, but damn i stand on my word to say that these people are more or less unidentified in the society with us the bloggers, without the hip-hop blogs these great people mentioned would still be struggling for fame.

Imagine if a song was released today, no blog to provide the download link, who the hell would know the international market breaker Wizkid, or even the Omo Baba Olowo Davido, or the father of all nations 2Baba. You put your songs on itunes, spotify, tidal and other streaming sites, just for people to stream and buy not thinking of your fans who are rich not to say other wise who really wants to listen to your songs. How do you expect them to the songs if we the hip hop blogs don’t provide the download link? Shi!!!!

The hip hop blogs if am right are the most essential part of the entertainment industry, we bloggers can build and destroy anything or anybody just with a 500 words article.

Now imagine someone who buys data, fuel’s his electricity generator, who has bills to pay buys your album just to satisfy his site users, then updates the download link, wakes up the next morning to see thank you messages from fans only to see he has been suspended. Is that not wickedness, isn’t that absurd.

You keep suspending our sites for blogging your songs not knowing with us notifying the fans your album is coming the won’t even think of buying talkless know who Olamide Baddo is or OBO Baddest.

We control the world as a whole, we deserve some respects from every nooks and cranes of the entertainment industry. We always gave you the respects you deserve but I don’t think we are receiving half of it back.

We are the main source that tells people from every part of this world that you exist, yes you might look at this, laugh and say ‘This Guy Doesn’t Know I Have over 2million Followers’, but and i can’t beat my Chest and say half of those followers were built by the blogs.

So many artistes who has gone cold, who hardly gives their fans something to feed on in the industry today, can only get back on track through us the bloggers, cos for real, someone who has not been relevant in the industry for 5years can’t just release something and expect fans to buy.

No one is begging anyone, we are just letting you know we remain the pillar of the industry. Pen’s down

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