ASUU slams Aisha Buhari over plan to establish university in husband’s name

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has slammed Aisha Buhari, the wife of president, after she revealed her plans to establish a private university in her husband’s name.

Okay Nigeria had earlier reported that Aisha during a town hall meeting in Yola arraigned by concern indigenes of Adamawa, stated that the university would be established in collaboration with partners from Sudan and Qatar.

However, reacting to her plans, Deji Omole, ASUU Chairman, University of Ibadan, and Ademola Aremu, former National Treasurer of the Union, told newsmen that her plans is a joke taken too far.

Omole said:

“When I also heard about the proposed private university to be named after Mr President, I just looked at it as a joke taken too far.”

“If we have a president in a country that has simply refused to fund public education and all we get from the family of the first lady is to establish a private university in collaboration with some foreigners, to me I think it is a disaster for this country and for a sitting president.

“The implication is that Nigerians should know that this leadership does not believe in public-funded education. Nigerians should support the struggle for the government to take education as a core investment upon which this country will be liberated.

“It is not the children of the rich that will solve the problems of Nigeria but the children of the poor and the tool they need is quality education.”

Aremu also stated that he does not believe the first lady is serious, adding that Nigeria already has “proliferation of universities and they are not taken care of”.

“Since they are policy makers, they will now formulate policies that will ground public universities aground for their interest to thrive. I thought we have actually left that era.

“I could remember that Obasanjo established Bells and we condemned it. Atiku established his own as Former Vice President. If you have private interest, you should not hold public office.

“If you have interest in anything private, I think it is proper to actually leave the public space for those who want to eager to serve the masses. How many people can afford the existing private universities existing in the country?

“If you want to help education, then increase the capacity of the existing ones. When you are holding a public office, don’t establish a private concern. She should wait until Buhari is completely out of office before thinking of bringing a private university in whatever name.”

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